Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ravi Mutyala of Hortonworks talks about

The Stinger Initiative enabled Hive to support an even broader range of use cases at truly Big Data scale: bringing it beyond its Batch roots to support interactive queries – all with a common SQL access layer. is a continuation of this initiative focused on even further enhancing the speed, scale and breadth of SQL support to enable truly real-time access in Hive while also bringing support for transactional capabilities.  And just as the original Stinger initiative did, this will be addressed through a familiar three-phase delivery schedule and developed completely in the open Apache Hive community.

Ravi talked about some of the changes that came in Stinger and ones that are in progress in

This was our first meeting at the MS Office on Beltway 8, and it rocks! Thank you, Jason, for arranging this, and also for showing some of the Azure stuff at the end :)

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