Sunday, April 23, 2023

Who wrote it, human or AI?

I asked AI Content Detector to check if the content was generated by a human or by AI. The Detector failed. Here is what I did.

First, I asked GPT4, "What would it take to avoid detection as being an AI generated content?" It gave me a list of items. I asked my question here.

Then I asked it to generate some content using its own advice.

Now, I copied and pasted this text into the AI Content Detector

At that, AI passed with flying colors, and the AI Content Detection confidently declares, "This is human text."

What are the teachers to do? I mean, how do they distinguish whether the student wrote his work or the AI did. As a joke, I can suggest the AI would do it better. But then it can imitate a bad student as well.

A better advise comes from the CEO of OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT. According to Sam Altman, the teaching process will have to change. The teacher will spend more time interacting with the students and teaching them. A practical advice: ask the student in class to outline their ideas, and they can expand on them at home. Keep in mind that the expansion may come from ChatGPT.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

My favorite books on quantum physics

 Because of my interest in quantum computing, here are my favorite books on quantum physics. Of course, I am very much indebted to Olivia Lanes, but I also added some of my own.

Quantum Entanglement by Jed Brody.

The most modern of the list, a PDF is easily found on the web, and the book is free on Audible! It is published in the MIT press essential knowledge series, which is always very good.

Fun read. Superheroes take on quantum physics.

With characters are Enshteinish and Schrodinger Cat.

Quantum Physics - what everyone needs to know.

Serious and very clear. In 2015, has a chapter on quantum computing and what such quantum computers would do if they ever exist. Now they do!!

A popular explanation from Cambridge - technical enough. But if you are interested in quantum computing, light reading does not suffice.

Finally, a textbook for students, with formulas and exercises.

The best (others are also good)

How to talk about quantum computing to your teenager