Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hadoop bootcamp in Dallas this past Friday was a big success

Just look at all the wonderful students. We got to teach one day of the Global Big Data Conference. By now, with our experience of doing the same in Austin and in Santa Clara, it came out really impressive. We covered theory and practice, HDFS and MapReduce, did the labs, and even constructed about sixty individual clusters: each student did his or her own.

From the early morning flight, to the sessions, lunch, snacks, and work - it was a ball!

At the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference)

The OTC is huge; last year it was visited by some 110,000 people. It is hard to get to: parking, walk, shuttle, expo. But then you are between buzzing exhibits; each country is given its own island. I liked quite a few, some had interesting Big Data sets - these got my "Big Data in Oil and Gas" brochure. At the Chinese company I got a Texas hat. Will surely do more next year.

 All became aware of our "Oil and Gas training workshop," as described in our PR, specifically connected to OTC.