Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SHMsoft News - SHMsoft and Dell

Let's take a quick look at what happened at SHMsoft lately:

  1. Last week at SHMsoft was all about Dell. We presented in in Dell’s headquarters in Round Rock, TX, and we were profiled on the website of Houston Technology Center.
  2. Here are the impressions of our CEO of his trip. 
  3. We are adding processing of Lotus Notes to the SHMcloud platform.

Thank you and best regards from the SHMsoft team. 01.27.2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

My impressions from Dell's Tech Innovator Day

Some friends emailed me their support just when I saw starting out on a three-hour drive, and I was grateful to them. The night trip was mystical but flawlessly easy. I especially liked hearing the GPS telling me "And now go straight for the next seventy-five miles." That's Texas for you, and there are two such stretches on the way from Houston to Austin (and back).

What they showed us at Dell was exciting and inspiring. This included their world-wide support center and their social media control center, but they also made us sign an NDA :)

Then came the time for the presentations, and I was awed by the nine other startups that show-cased their achievements and plans. The team at Dell that put the event together told us that it all started a year ago with the top management at Dell, and was coming to fruition on that day, and the team was amazingly instrumental in doing that.

Last but not least my gratitude goes to the senior Dell management, who sat through the two hours of presentations, at the end of their busy day, and asked questions that not only helped the management clarify the picture about the startup, but also helped the presenter herself better define her goals and the ways to get there.

Again, thank you very much everyone.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

SHMsoft at Dell’s Tech Innovators Day

Let's take a quick look at what happened at SHMsoft lately:

1. SHMsoft is one of the ten companies selected for Dell’s Tech Innovators Day. In Dell’s own words, “As part of the Dell Innovators Credit Fund we have created Tech Innovators Day specifically to give companies like yours the chance to present your idea to decision makers. Over the past years, companies like KACE, Boomi and SecureWorks were acquired by Dell to further complement the offerings Dell brings to its customers. Could the next company be yours?” SHMsoft’s CEO is excited to present his vision.

This is an important Dell initiative, which is already greeted by enthusiastic response. The event is limited to the invited participants, but there will be press coverage from Austin, Silicon Valley, and Huffington Post. To track the conversation, please use #DellEIR.

2. We are doing a pilot eDiscovery project for an ongoing litigation. This gives us a chance to help a client in an important case while further improving our search and culling capabilities;

3. SHMsoft is bringing the power of invention and Big Data tools to pilot projects for select enterprise clients.

Thank you and best regards from the SHMsoft team. 01.20.2013