Thursday, May 31, 2012

SHMsoft and FreeEed in the news

LTN's Evan Koblenz writes this 

SHMsoft Tests Open Source E-Discovery App in Cloud

SHMsoft, which makes the FreeEed open-source e-discovery application, is expanding its product lineup into cloud computing and growing its staff.
Matt Toomey, an e-discovery blogger from Albany, New York, recently posted about his tests of the core FreeEed and said he's encouraged about the program's future.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Automated Hadoop Cluster Construction on EC2

Hi, all,

that was the topic of today's presentation, and here are the slides:

However, it was more than that, because we had a lively discussion, almost an unconference, where people asked questions, gave explanations, and described their business cases.

The case in point: we kept talking next to the library for another hour. To an outsider (and there was one police car watching us), it was a veritable Silicon Valley meeting, what with the startup and technology discussions.

See you next time on Richmond, another hands-on session. However, other presenter ideas are welcome.