Monday, April 2, 2012

The most awesome Houston Hadoop Meetup Ever

Hi, all,

we had the most interesting meeting. It's one thing to sit and listen, and it is completely another to do it yourself. But, paradoxically, this is what interests people the most.

We had a more-than-expected turnout, and everybody was burning to build their own clusters, run them on Amazon, and achieve first-hand experience of what others have only an "I heard the presentation" knowledge.

So, of course, everybody had their own environments, things did not work out at first try, you had to debug and adjust, install and re-install, and it was so much fun that we could not stop until 9 PM, or however late it was that we all had to go home.

Resolutions for the next meetup:

  1. We will separate into two groups, beginners and advanced, and we will have two teachers;
  2. I will finish publishing whatever chapters I have of Hadoop Illuminated, with all the instructions for Hadoop on EC2;
  3. We may need a new venue, at least for this coming May meeting, and we may consider the Microsoft compound nearby.
See you all next time!