Friday, August 14, 2020

How to do Early Case Assessment with FreeEed

Sometimes, you have a lot of data to process for eDiscovery. So, you go to your favorite eDiscovery provider and ask them to process your data and then host it for your review. But there's the rub: processing costs X number of dollars per gigabyte, and usually, you don't want to host all the data. 

Here is how you can solve this problem with FreeEED and save oodles of money in the process. First, I will explain the harder way, using the review. Then I will show how to go straight to the results, once you are more trusting the results.

Way 1 - with the review

 Download and start FreeEED

Select your projects and add files to your project

Stage, Process, and Go to Review

In the review, find all responsive documents. 

Now, simply click on "Export as Natives"

Here, you got want you wanted! You know now what documents you will deal with. Read them, analyze them. 

Put them into your favorite review platform, like Relativity. From there, you will be able to do production and share the documents with others who need them. And by the way, we can set you up and help with Relativity as well. 

Way 2 - go straight to the results

Start as above, by downloading FreeEED. But, instead of going all the way with the review, simply use culling

Enter your search string (I entered 'matt' but it accepts complete Lucene syntax, with metadata names and ranges), and click on process. When done, send the production results. Or, be more formal and go to Relativity, as above.