Friday, August 26, 2022

Demo for FreeEed

 Recently, I taught a class about Search and Elastic. As part of this class, I gave the students a lab showcasing FreeEed as an example of a real-world application. Here is the lab which you might find helpful as well


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

I am excited by GitHub Copilot

 Advertised as "Your AI Pair Programmer," GitHub Copilot indeed works very well, and I am impressed. The promise is that "you write the comments, and it writes the implementation code." I did not read this documentation but just started writing code. It worked like magic.

I got a value from a hash table. It offered to check that the value existed and was not empty. The suggestion is shown in the pale font.

I then hit the tab to accept. The suggestion was bolded.

I saved a few seconds. I also saved some brain CPU cycles. I had a comfortable feeling that the code was in good style. I wasted half an hour sharing my excitement with the world.

There is more! It writes my comments. And often, it gets is right. If not, then often enough, I can still accept and change a word or two.

Thumbs up, GitHub.