Sunday, November 18, 2012

SHMsoft News: eDiscovery, bio-informatics and security

Let's take a quick look at what happened at SHMsoft last week:

  1. While still perfecting search, OCR and imaging capabilities for SHMcloud, we are now working on tagging and export;
  2. SHMsoft got a very active reseller in London, England. The business model that we created  for this seems to work, and more eDiscovery consultants are welcome to apply.
  3. We have performed our first pilot Big Data projects for a large chemical company, dealing with comparative genomics and with crop genomics. Accordingly, we are implementing company-wide bioinformatics education with courses like this one.
  4. Performed Big Data training for a major hardware manufacturer, and more courses are scheduled.
  5. SHMsoft is in talks with a fast-growing cloud security provider, to provide cloud implementation services for their clients.

Thank you and best regards from the SHMsoft team.

Monday, November 5, 2012

SHMsoft news

  • Search, OCR, and imaging are released. You can look in the manual here,, or email us asking how you can use those features for your needs.
  • SHMcloud pricing for the EC2 and for internal Hadoop cluster maintenance is ready and will be announced next week.
  • We are working on further improvements to SHMcloud.
  • We are taking steps toward analytics platform.

Thank you and best regards from the SHMsoft team.