Thursday, March 7, 2013

Houston Hadoop Meetup - 'Hadoop for Execs'

It was a bit of a try-out, for everything: Hadoop illuminated LLC as a host, new office on One Riverway for meetups and training, and 'Hadoop for Execs' presentation.

And it all went great: the audience, the accommodations, the materials (mostly composed by Sujee Maniyam), and surely the questions and answers.

It is clear: Houston is thirsting for Hadoop knowledge, and we are going to help: we will host monthly 'Hadoop for Execs' seminars. We only need to decide on the format: should we make it a one-hour whirlwind tour, two-hours overview, or a half-day actual training. Tough question, but nice to have.

Cooperating with Dell

I like flying for lunch to Austin, and here I had just such an opportunity, to meet with the great people at Dell. We have found whole five ways in which we can cooperate! Awesome, nice.