Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mike Drob presents Cloudera Search at Houston Hadoop Meetup

Last Tuesday it was Cloudera's turn to take the podium. Mike Drob presented "Cloudera Search". The slides are right here. Every component is available via the open source channels, mostly in Solr.

Cloudera's value add an open source, feature rich search engine plus all the integrations with a data management (also open source) ecosystem, to streamline multi-workload search, or search and other workloads of the same data, without moving it around between systems. Cloudera also provides production tooling, audit, and security.

In addition, open source buffs can use the implementation described in these slides, to glean the best practices to use in their own solutions.

Very good, clear discussion - thank you, Mike!

Thanks again, Microsoft, for hosting the meetup at MS Campus.