Monday, August 27, 2012

SHMsoft / FreeEed / SHMcloud weekly news, 8/26/12

  • SHMcloud V4.1.4 has been released; GUI bugs fixed.
  • OCR tested, adding it to SHMcloud install on Amazon.
  • Started on specifications for search in Early Case Assessment (ECA).
  • Started on phase 1 of Big Data social media marketing project for a large local retailer.
  • Staff: an experienced data scientist leads this Big Data social media project.
  • Having been accepted as an APN Amazon partner, SHMsoft is in the final stages of getting listed on AWS Marketplace with our SHMcloud(TM) product.
  • A large LPO firm in India started working on SHMcloud, to make sure that the product satisfies their needs for scalable processing.
  • A new financial consultant started working on SHMsoft’s business and financial plan.

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