Friday, August 10, 2012

A week at SHMsoft - 8/10

Here are some of the projects that we are involved with at the moment, as well as a comprehensive view on what is happening internally at SHMsoft.

  • We are now officially partnered with Hortonworks, a leader in Hadoop distributions. You can find us on their website here and here.
  • We proposed the usage of our SHMcloud software to the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction and presented a case for integration in their curriculum for e-Discovery. We are also currently negotiating with another big name in the "law-technology" field, who found our current offerings to be of great value for their business.  Check back for more information on the subject!
  • Realizing the potential and flexibility of our software offerings, a large local retailer has reached out to us in order to engage in an innovative marketing project based on big data. It is a whole new approach that has the potential to introduce new ways of approaching big data and expand our product offerings.
  • Our entry for the Goradia Innovation Prize attracted the attention of a large local chemical firm, and we have already scheduled a meeting to help them understand how our software can add value to specific aspects of their business.
  • Our expertise base is growing! The quality and potential of the SHMsoft product has caught the attention of leading industry figures and experts.  Our latest additions include individuals with many years of experience in the legal industry and the e-Discovery field. As a result, management and marketing of our SHMcloud platform is now under a newly formed team that includes key company employees as well as external advisers, all working towards the same goal - to make our offering the top solution in the field.
  • On the same topic, a new developer with extensive experience in Hadoop and cloud administration is about to join the SHMsoft team!
  • We have also been busy presenting to more and more potential investors that are fascinated by our work. First round of financing is under way. Stay tuned for more good news!
  • It has just been confirmed that our CEO will be attending the Hadoop World Conference from October 24-25 in New York.
  • On the software side, we never stop working to make our products better. Our SHMcloud Player now has improved interface and numerous fixes in its version 4.1.1 RC (Release Candidate).

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