Sunday, May 22, 2011

Upcoming Houston Hadoop Meetup on June 6

This is a great chance to hear about Hadoop and other Big Data technologies, when you would and when you would not use them - from Cloudera's engineer Vikram Oberoi.

Vikram is a native Houstonian who left Texas for the Silicon Valley, first to study and then to work, but we won't hold it against him for two reasons: he is working on Big Data problems, and he is coming back to tell us about it.

While the world is on fire about Big Data and Hadoop, Houston is for the most part dormant in this regard, with the notable exception of medical research.

The Big Data technologies originated at Google, Amazon, and Facebook. However, lately they are used by a large number of companies, and in fact, your company may not be competitive without it, at least that is what McKinsey analysts are telling us. Therefore, come and hear.

Afterward, Cloudera and Houston's own SHMsoft invite y'all to Barry's Pizza on Richmond.

Art: Arthur Rackham : The Lion, Jupiter and the Elephant, illustration from Aesops Fables, published by Heinemann, 1912

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