Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FreeEed Roadmap

While working on the already close release of 1.0 of FreeEed, the roadmap is becoming clear:

  • 1.0 - basics of eDiscovery processing, small or big projects. with Java/Hadoop;
  • 2.0 - backed by a NoSQL database, which scales without a problem to thousands of projects and billions of files, with document-oriented CouchDB being a natural fit, still with Java/Hadoop;
  • 3.0 - text analytics, adding Natural Language Processing to legal review, written in the Scala language, which is a better fit for text processing than Java, and with Mahout;
  • 4.0 - data collection, forensics, preservation.

When? 1.0 - in the next few days; 2.0 - two more months; 3.0 - two more months.

After that? - improvements, improvements, improvements.

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