Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plans for open source eDiscovery FreeEed

Here is what is need to make the package more competitive

  • Add culling, PST (email) processing, deduping, and PDF/TIFF creation;
  • Process all of Enron email (about 150 mailboxes) and announce the first, the 10, the 100, and all;
  • Add advanced text processing, similar to predictive coding, which is the current direction of eDiscovery.
That will take a few months, but gradually the package will be become more and more useful.


PKerr said...

Looks like interest is building and features are developing as well as user requests for future enhancements.

It is very exciting to be in on this at the ground floor and watch it grow.

Mark Kerzner said...

Sure. Also note how GitHub is a fitting platform - it has a place for issues, all for the same price.