Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FreeEed is reading processing parameters from a file

FreeEed now reads processing parameters from a file, has a number of default settings, and saves each run into a dated parameter file. More precisely,

  • All defaults are read from, which is provided with the distribution;
  • They can be overwritten by any parameter file (such as mentioned with the option -param_file "filename"
  • Command-line parameters take precedence over all.

That is simple and powerful: you don't need to know about parameters at all, and it will give you all the defaults. Or you can change every one of them.

In addition, when the program is run, it saves the parameters from the current run into a file that has a date in its name, such as


PKerr said...

I can't wait to download and run this tonight.

Mark Kerzner said...