Thursday, July 20, 2017

An easy way to run FreeEed on Amazon

Running FreeEed on Amazon is very easy and offers some substantial benefits.

  1. You can get a fully provisioned server in a minute
  2. You can get any size of hard drive and a large number of CPU
  3. It is as easy as using your desktop.
To start the server, find this AMI in the Oregon region on EC2: ami-e6acbf9f.

After you start the service, open the assigned IP in any browser. You will see a screen like the following below

Click on the 'vnc.html'. You will see the login screen

After you log in, you will see a full Ubuntu desktop, where you can do any work. FreeEed is already installed.


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JTDL said...

When I search for the AMI listed above, I get nothing found in results. Has the AMI or process changed since this article was posted?