Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Joe Witt of Onyara presented Apache NiFi

Joe Witt and the team of Onyara came to present Apache Nifi at Houston Hadoop Meetup. The NiFi project is the result of eight years of development at NSA, which has been open sourced in November of 2014.

The project is for automating enterprise dataflows, and its salient use cases are
  • Remote sensor delivery
  • Inter-site/global distribution
  • Intra-site distribution
  • "Big Data" ingest
  • Data Processing (enrichment, filtering, sanitization)
For the rest, in the words of Shakespeare

"Let Lion, Moonshine, Wall, and lovers twain

At large discourse, while here they do remain."

Meaning, in our case, here are the slides, courteously provided by Joe.

Oh, and there WAS a live demo, so those who missed it - missed it.

As always, pizza was provided by Elephant Scale LLC, Big Data training and consulting.

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