Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An excellent presentation by Rohit Jain about exciting new open source product Trafodion

Rohit Jain drove from Austin and presented Trafodion (Welsh for "Transaction"), pronounced "Travodion" - for those in the know. Rohit is an HP Database Distinguished and Chief Technologist. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is amazing.

In turn, the audience did not betray the expectations.  Houston is getting its Big Data people, by importing them, and people from Cloudera, Hortonworks and DataStax were all represented.

Pizza was sponsored by HP - thank you - and Rohit has already uploaded the slides to the Meetup. Here are the main slides, and the architecture

, with this note from Rohit: "There was interest in the Trafodion Distributed Transaction Management (DTM) architecture. However, it is a bit dated. Since this presentation, DTM has now been implemented as HBase co-processor code & THLOG has been integrated with the HBase HLOG."

My comment: I started Houston Hadoop Meetup in 2010, with the expectation of an imminent Big Data Boom in Houston. I am still expecting. This was the first meetup though where we had active Big Data professionals, but they were all imported, as I said, from Big Data companies. We are still yet to see native Houstonians and Houston companies doing Big Data. Again, it's coming, and our meetup is one of the focal points.

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