Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to configure metadata collection with FreeEed

Sometimes you may be lacking some of the metadata fields, or you may want them called a different name, or you may want a different alias. Here is how to do it.

Say, for example, that you cannot find the "Creation Date" for regular documents (this has been added to the default, but we here we use it only as an example).

How to do it:

In the config folder there is a file called "".  It mentions all the metadata you want produced, together with aliases. There you need to add a line

13=Creation Date, Creation-Date 

This will tell FreeEed to take the "Create-Date" from the document and to output it as "Creation Date".

How do you know what metadata fields are found in your documents altogether? Run processing for a small set of data, with the option of "Metadata Collection" = all, and you will see all of it. Then you will be able to adjust the metadata file settings in any way you want.

Happy discovery!

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