Sunday, February 3, 2013

Houston Technology Center Champs

This past Friday I was presenting at the HTC Champs meeting. Really, I wanted to present this vision, but they convinced me that it was too far out into the future, so I had to limit to the practical today.

However, I was extremely impressed with what I heard there. The scope and the shear size of the Houston's startup atmosphere was hitherto unbeknownst to me.

Look at BioHoston. Jacqueline Northcut told about the effort to bring multiple development biotech companies to Houston, the services of 1,500 advisers provided to them, and in the case of cancer research-related companies, these services are provided for free! The SURGE accelerator (bringing to Houston tech startups that deal with energy, and paying them for it!), the TiE Houston - these were all awesome. So was the feedback. Thank you all, guys!

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