Monday, June 4, 2012

Houston Hadoop Meetup June - Hands-On!

A sign of a good meetup is when people don't want to leave. This happened again now: the librarian wanted us out, because the library was closing, and we, being good compassionate human beings, preempted her a by a little. Even so, people were sighted talking next to the closed library entrance for the next half hour at least.

Why the excitement? Developers love challenges, and here they were challenged enough: the hands-on format had something for everyone, and if you already completed your assignment, you were given the next level of complexity.

We found our next presenter, Dennis, who will be talking about his genome project, and how they use Hadoop at the Medical Center - details to follow soon. After that, the proposed format is to take one chapter in the Hadoop Illuminated book, and combine the presentation based on that chapter with the exercises found at the end of the chapter. This will also give me a push to complete the book. And the companion project, of course!

A la prochaine!

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srinivas said...

Hi Mark,
When would be the next meetup ?
I wanted to attend the meeting, but for some reasons I could not. Would you be able to send me an email as to what I need to do to catch up with you guys ?


Mark Kerzner said...

July 11 - see announcement