Thursday, July 21, 2011

A use-case for FreeEed: When your business model involves litigation

Imagine that you are in the business of buying other businesses. With the business you may acquire its assets, its debts, and its legal obligations. Litigation becomes a way of life, part of regular business.

The big part of litigation, of course, is eDiscovery. Now imagine that you have that part completely under your control. No payments to the third-party vendors, no timing limitations on their side. You can experiment with your litigation strategies at will, both for plaintiff and defendant situations.

That is where FreeEed comes it. You can run your eDiscovery and be in control of it. The FreeEed team, in turn, will do everything in its power to help you advance your goal, win or settle the cases, and grow your business.

Art: Fernando Botero - Man Reading a Paper

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