Wednesday, April 8, 2009

litsupport summary for the week ending on 04/05/09

A lot of important and useful information is posted to litsupport each week. The following is a distilled summary, in the form of questions and answers.

Q. PDF to TIFF converter?
  • Black Ice Printer Driver 
  • PDFDocs
  • ZAN Print
  • AdultPDF 
  • is a good starting point for this and similar questions.
  • Open PDF files with Adobe Reader, click print to file, select printer as MicroSoft Document Image Writer. Upon clicking OK, you will receive a dialog box asking where to put the file. Name it with the extension of .TIF. Document Image Writer should be part of Office.
  • Omniformat is free. It requires pdf995, a free pdf print driver. You dump the pdfs in a watch directory and launch the program. It follows your naming option from an ini file and you have either single-page or multi-page tiffs. Takes a bit of reading to get it right, but once set up, it's a workhorse.
  • Batch process using Acrobat professional version.
This summary from the Litsupport Group postings created by the wonderful and talented members of the group has been culled by Mark Kerzner and edited by Aline Bernstein.

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