Monday, November 10, 2008

litsupport summary for the week ending on 11/09/08

A lot of important and useful information is posted to litsupport each week. The following is a distilled summary, in the form of questions and answers.

Q. Was there anything to say?
A. No, nothing this time.

This summary from the Litsupport Group postings created by the wonderful and talented members of the group has been culled by Mark Kerzner ( and edited by Aline Bernstein (


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...this is one time where the summary took more time to read than the listserv posts!


Thanks for taking the time to summarize the LitSupport group posts. I find it very useful.

Mark Kerzner said...

Paul, great to hear from you! I wanted to show that I am alive and that there are no gaps in my attention span, so I had to bother you for nothing :)