Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Which business to open in slow economy?

I recently got a letter from LegalZoom, where they talk about top businesses to start in a sluggish economy.

I had to disagree with it. For example, my acquaintance running a personnel agency told me that during a slowdown this business simply dries up, because hiring is frozen.

Computer repair makes little sense when computers are so cheap that they are replaceable. Maybe he meant IT services - but then he should have said it.

Agree on security firm being #5 though.

Altogether, sounded immature and produced bad impression, on me and on my friends. The LegalZoom's pitch seemed to be directed to create a corporation using their services, which was an obvious self-interest. That is an example of how not to write.

I am thinking about a good advice - for those who want to listen and have the energy.

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