Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Forensics Delivery? - Why not!

Another quote from Christy Burke's article is below. Top8 has trained drivers for this, and some have concealed handgun licenses.

Sometimes, commercial carriers are perfectly adequate to transport evidence, but occasionally greater security is warranted. Computer forensics expert and Sensei Enterprises President Sharon Nelson says that FedEx is often sufficient for transporting e-discovery materials, since they require a signature on each end and record the time and date of receipt. However, Nelson has seen many more "hands-on" approaches to bringing in the data.

"A lot of our clients won't go through FedEx," Nelson says. "We have had famous people show up personally with armed guards, carrying their CPU towers in their hands. Or they sometimes send a lawyer, a trusted agent or an employee to bring it in. Once it's in our care, we're responsible for it -- we image the drive and return it to the representative." Other highly secure transportation alternatives include armored car transport and bonded messengers.

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